Galen Myotherapy© specialises in the identification and treatment of muscular injury and associated compensatory issues in dogs.

Through the application of advanced, clinical massage techniques, myotherapy can manage and support a range of canine mobility issues; promoting optimal muscle function throughout your dog’s life and enhancing their performance, wellbeing and recovery.

Muscular issues can manifest themselves in many different ways and muscle pain in dogs is often underestimated and difficult to diagnose.

Muscular pain causes stresses on the body’s structures that have a negative effect on how the dog functions physically and psychologically. Myotherapy promotes optimal muscle function through the easing of congestion and shortenings within the fibres caused through injury, compensatory or repetitive strain issues.   

Injury within the muscle fibre can cause inappropriate scarring, placing added tension and stress over the joints they articulate.  By identifying then treating effected muscles and muscle groups, joint function can be improved and an optimum range of movement for each situation can be achieved.  This results in improved mobility, performance and a reduction in pain perception therefore reducing stress and allied symptoms. 

Galen myotherapy© is a specific complementary canine muscle therapy specialising in:

  • Chronic postural and loading issues
  • Damaged or injured muscle and allied soft tissue
  • Residual or compensatory effects following injury
  • Post-operative recuperation
  • Support for the development of healthy scar tissue
  • Intermittent or consistent lameness
  • Secondary muscle tension, knots or spasms
  • Post trauma treatment
  • Pre and post event treatments to support performance
  • Enhancing performance in working and sporting dogs
  • The maintenance of good muscle heath throughout the dog’s life
  • Supporting a palliative care regime

By treating secondary or compensatory issues, myotherapy can also become part of a highly effective management programme for supporting the following canine conditions:

To talk to me about Galen Myotherapy and how it might help your dog, contact me here or call for an informal chat on 07793 682865.

These are my own Moorland Canines; my three beloved lurchers. They have been my constant companions, and their happiness, welfare and wellbeing has always been my primary concern.

As Bess and Silas entered their senior years, keeping them as fit and mobile as possible became my inspiration for training as a Galen Myotherapist©; they both turned 15 last year - it seems to be working!

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