As a registered Galen Myotherapist© I am fully insured and willingly comply with the treating protocols and code of ethics governed by our professional body C.A.A.M; the Canine Association of Accredited Myotherapists.

C.A.A.M. is a professional, independent regulatory body to which members are accountable through compliance to a strict code of conduct and ethics; written into its fully implemented constitution and vigorously enforced. The combination of both internal and external regulation provides significant credibility to the upholding of standards; setting the very highest bench mark when approaching vets and other canine professionals.

  • C.A.A.M. strives for excellence in Canine Myotherapy through the application of accredited education and qualification; further developed through a scheme of regulated Continuing Professional Development involving clinical practice, mandatory advancement of skills and informal learning and development.
  •  C.A.A.M. is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge through the education of individuals and groups; through learned publications and other media.
  • C.A.A.M. is dedicated to the improvement and safeguarding of the health and welfare of all canines through the provision of outstanding Myotherapy techniques together with the formulation of credible partnerships that will aid the progression of the therapy.

The organisation consists of two committees; the Operational Committee comprising Galen Licensees and the Executive Committee comprising canine professionals; serving to provide transparency of policy and a viable independent complaints mechanism, should it ever be required.

The Executive Committee comprises a diverse group of professionals who represent the many facets of the canine world; two veterinary surgeons - one holistic, one canine professional, a canine behaviourist, and a professional dog handle and trainer. It is this breadth of membership, posessing no direct connection to the Galen Therapy Centre which enables the body to present and uphold a balanced, legal and clinically sound constitution.

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canine association of accredited myotherapists