Cocker Spaniel - Tilly


‘We simply can’t thank you enough. Tilly is living life to the full again.’

Meet gorgeous Tilly, a 6-year-old Cocker Spaniel who had surgery in June 2016 to remove two damaged thoracic discs. Tilly made a good recovery; her owner is a vet, however, she felt that at times Tilly seemed quite stiff and sore, and was ataxic on her hind legs.
I have been treating Tilly to ease her stiffness; she is now moving more fluidly and her top line is also straighter - she has also been taken off her pain medication.  She continues to have treatment every four to six weeks to ensure her new level of flexibility is maintained.

Tilly had sustained a serious back injury, resulting in the surgical removal of thoracolumbar discs. We had tried hydrotherapy, pain relief medication and physiotherapy during her recovery period.
Tilly responded well to treatment. She does need to be rewarded for keeping still, but she allows the treatment from Sarah in a way that she does not accept handling from me. Her ataxia has improved dramatically, and she can now jump up and moves much more freely. She is able to go for her favourite walks again.
Tilly started myotherapy 9 months after her spinal surgery when her recovery seemed as good as she was going to get, but she was still quite stiff and sore and would fall over if she tried to jump or overstretch herself. She no longer needs daily pain relief medication.