Cocker spaniel - Katy


Katy is the perfect example of how the negative and debilitating effects of pain can affect how our dogs respond to the world around them.

Recently I was asked to treat Katy whose owner had decided to cut their holiday short as a direct result of Katy’s significant change in behaviour. Instead of enjoying her time away playing happily with her siblings, as she would have done in the past, Katy had become intolerant and was both snapping at them, and fighting with them.

She had also started barking at other dogs, as well as strangers in the street – something she would never have done previously.

Katy saw her vet on her return and a multimodal treatment of anti-inflammatories and Galen Myotherapy has seen her back to her gorgeous self.

Since 2002 the Galen Therapy Centre have been correlating the direct connections between chronic muscle pain and a dog’s behaviour. These studies have been compiled through detailed consultations with owners, requesting behavioural information then tracking the reversal of symptoms and behaviours during myotherapy treatment. More information about the link between pain and behaviour can be found at the Galen Therapy Centre

If your dog’s behaviour has changed recently and you haven’t considered it could be pain related, please get in touch.