Westie - Shona

shona crop.jpg

Providing myotherapy treatment, on the dogs terms is the only way to win their trust and to treat them effectively. 




Please meet Shona – a nine-year-old Westie with idiopathic hind limb lameness.

Despite her best efforts, Shona’s elderly owner has not been able to get a firm diagnosis and whilst a cruciate injury was initially suspected by her vet, x-rays have since ruled cruciate damage out.

Like many dogs, Shona is a master at hiding her pain and will try every game and displacement activity she can think of to avoid treatment. She has become used to her discomfort – it has become her ‘norm’ so when distracted by a cat or another dog, she easily forgets and will still run full pelt up the garden, distributing all her weight evenly through her pelvic limbs. During her daily activity, however, she will not always weight bear fully and presents stiffness and some tenderness over her hips.

Intermittent lameness is notoriously difficult to diagnose, and treating Shona has not been easy, she remains highly guarded of her affected limb and progress has been very slow. It is essential however to remain mindful of the fact that Galen Therapists only ever provide treatment on the dogs’ terms – this is the only way to win a dog’s trust and provide an effective outcome.

Shona knows that when she's had enough and walks away, she is safe and I will not follow her; she inevitably comes back to me.