Following Galen Myotherapy© treatment, all of your dog’s body systems will be working to eliminate waste products and toxins; setting up its body for regeneration – replacing old tissues with new. Rest will be paramount in supporting the body’s ability to restore homeostasis, rebalance itself and respond to the bodywork which has been performed.   

following TREATMENT

Following your dog’s first treatment you will be given a personalised home recovery programme which will include clear care guidelines and post treatment exercise restrictions, with appropriate timescales along with suggestions of home modifications where necessary. I will also include a demonstration of suitable techniques that you can use at home to support your dog’s progress and maintain their muscle health between treatments.

Techniques carried out by yourself will not only continue to benefit your dog by reinforcing the physiological effects of the treatments, but psychologically it will help your dog to become accustomed to treatment as well as providing a positive bonding experience for you both.   

You should not feed your dog for a couple of hours after treatment – ideally after it has rested, but do encourage your dog to drink freely but not excessively.  

If your dog has undergone a therapeutic treatment where no heat or tension-related issues were detected, after a couple of hours rest your dog can have a short walk – no more than 30 minutes and preferably on a lead. If heat, tension or other issues have been found, then after two hours a 10 minute walk, restricted on the lead can be undertaken.  

For the 24 to 48 hours after treatment it will be important that wherever possible, your dog is kept quiet during this time. Your dog may initially feel and appear worse for the following 24 to 48 hours, however these symptoms are signs however that the treatment has been effective and that the dog’s body is going through the process of cleansing itself of impurities, toxins, metabolic wastes and acute or chronic muscular imbalances. This is a perfectly normal reaction and the start of cellular regeneration. 

As your dog’s muscles begin to repair and their body restores its equilibrium and natural balance you may notice a temporary increase in seemingly negative symptoms following the first session which may include: 

  • Increased lethargy and longer periods of sleeping
  • Withdrawn or quieter behaviour
  • An increase in joint, muscle pain or lameness for 48 hours
  • More frequent urination and an increased thirst  

Depending on the treatment your dog has received, their response following treatment may equally be a positive one; and your dog may demonstrate a marked improvement; psychologically they may demonstrate behavioural changes, seem happier and more engaged; physiologically they may seem able to move easier, demonstrating less stiffness in previously affected areas. 
Despite this initial improvement in your dog’s behaviour, discourage them from jumping on and off the furniture or in and out of the car; activities which could further damage recovering muscles. 

Personally tailored advice will be specific to your own dog, their prior diagnoses, specific muscular issues, current exercise regime and the home environment; we will discuss these in full following your dog’s initial treatment.