There is nothing more rewarding for either owner or therapist than seeing an older dog regain a quality of life you no longer though possible.

Galen Myotherapy© can help to relieve many of the discomfort of aging; the pain and stiffness that accompanies degenerative conditions such as chronic osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia as well as a less active lifestyle. Treatment can improve a dog’s range of motion, muscle tone, suppleness and flexibility, skin condition, and in some cases, impaired organ and respiratory function.

Treatment is personally tailored to your dog’s needs and as circulation is stimulated, toxins are removed from tissues and oxygen and nutrients are supplied; degenerative and chronic disorders benefit considerably from the stimulating and toning effects of myotherapy.

Galen Myotherapy© for the older dog is capable of providing the following benefits:

  • Enhancing muscle tone, range of possible motion and flexibility
  • Reducing fascial adhesions caused by trauma or wear 
  • Increasing the rate of healing following injury or surgery
  • Helping to relieve pain and discomfort
  • Enhancing respiratory function
  • Decreasing atrophy of muscle tissue
  • Maintaining lubricated and flexible joints
  • Enhancing mental and emotional well-being
  • Supporting a palliative care regime

To talk to me about Galen Myotherapy© and how it might help your senior dog, contact me here.