British Sleddog Sports Federation - 2016 Dryland Championships.


The BSSF was formed as the new UK Federation for the promotion and enhancement of International sports and racing for UK sled dog teams.

Exciting news for all competitors attending the Dryland Championships in Thetford from the 18th to 20th November.

The Galen Therapy Centre are sponsoring the Championships and are sending a large and experienced team of therapists to provide pre and post treatments for the canine athletes; and I'm excited to be part of the attending team. 

What is a Pre and Post Treatment?

All athletes; human and canine benefit from warming up prior to competition, the strain placed on a muscle from cold without prior warm-up is immense, causing fibres to snap; most often at their site of insertion therefore consideration to muscle conditioning should be part of any pre-event preparation.  

A warm-up before an event, focussing on injury prevention increases a number of physiological and metabolic rates which translate into an increase in the dog’s overall performance, and a performance less prone to injury.

A cool down after competition or an event aids venous return and lymphatic drainage encouraging the dog’s blood to cleanse its muscles of the toxins and metabolic wastes generated from exertion, keeping the muscles supple, aiding repair of muscle microfibre damage; preventing stiffening and the onset of delayed muscle soreness.  

Post-event treatment provides an opportunity to gain hands-on information on the current condition of the dog’s muscles. Areas of abnormal heat indicating potential injury can be observed, as well as the chance to review any damage to the dog’s claws and pads and check the dog for any contraindicative injury which would require veterinary advice instead of myotherapy treatment. More detailed information on the benefits of pre and post event treatment can be found here.

Pre and post warm-ups must be pre-booked and all the details are available on the BSSF website.