Free microchip checking


My area and availability for scanning is varied so it would always be better to give me a call; depending on the location of the dog, I will always try to help.

Moorland Canine are offering free local microchip scanning for your dogs; for the simple peace of mind of knowing that should they go missing, their chip will help them get home. I know that having scanned my own dogs, it is reassuring to know that their 15 year old chips are still fully functional and could still be cross checked with my own details.

Whatever your views on the pros and cons of microchipping, you have until April 6th 2016 to ensure all of your dogs are compliant; but have you wondered about the whereabouts of existing chips in your older dogs? Can they still be located? Do they match your paperwork? Are they actually working?

Interested in having your dogs checked out? just get in touch.