Canine arthritis



Crufts generates controversy every year, however, for me, the most important part of being at Crufts is talking to proactive owners; both competitors and visitors who are genuinely interested in how they can support their dog's musculoskeletal health throughout all of their life's stages and levels of activity.

A rare chance to meet up with Galen's founder #JuliaRobertson and some of my fellow therapists; Crufts inspires us all and reminds us of the profound and sometimes life-changing impact that canine myotherapy can have on the dogs we treat.

Sharing our canine experiences and knowledge with fellow owners and discussing ways we can make their lives easier whilst supporting their long-term health and mobility, is what makes the week especially meaningful. 


This year, the Galen Therapy Centre carried out fully-consented myotherapy treatments on the stand, which enabled us to demonstrate more clearly how we handle and work with dogs. Having one of our veterinary professionals on the stand also gave us the chance to support more owners by undertaking treatments that previously wouldn't have been possible in such an environment.


In addition to the wonderful dogs treated on the stand, Galen therapists performed warm-ups and cool-downs on dogs prior to and post their agility classes and supported the Canicross Trailrunners demonstration in the Main Arena, again highlighting the crucial nature of keeping sporting dogs at optimum health and fitness levels.

If you're interested in learning more about the many ways that Galen Myotherapy can help your dog through all of their life's stages and activities, please get in touch with me directly or visit the Galen Therapy Centre for details of Galen myotherapists in your area.