Your dog’s initial consultation and first treatment will take a minimum of  90 minutes. 

  • Before your dog’s first treatment commences, I will undertake a comprehensive consultation with you, but at no time will I diagnose your dog’s condition. Galen Myotherapists© offer a referral service and whilst I can assess your dog, your veterinary surgeon is responsible for providing primary care in all cases, therefore veterinary consent will be required. An initial consultation follwed by treatment will cost £40.00.

Subsequent treatments will take approximately 40 to 60 minutes each. 

  • For a young fit dog subsequent sessions are usually booked approximately a week apart, however the time between treatments for older dogs will be extended to ten to twelve days in order to give their bodies time to adjust. Following myotherapy treatment, all of your dog’s body systems will be working to eliminate waste products and toxins; setting up its body for regeneration – replacing old tissues with new; this can take a little longer in a senior dog. Treatment length, again will depend on your dog, the condition being treated and their acceptance of treatment. Your dog's subsequent treatments will each cost £40.00.

In the majority of cases, three to four treatments are usually sufficient to see an improvement in your dog’s condition and to ascertain if the therapy is proving to be effective. Wherever possible, and to maximise on the changes taking place within your dog's tissues, it is preferrable to ensure that you have time commit to your dogs treatments taking place within the suggested consecutive timeframe. 

You will be offered time to see if your dog shows any improvement before comitting to another appointment and we can discuss future sessions and appropriate timescales before agreeing to continue treatment. My primary goal is to get the best results for your dog, as quickly as possible – and I will never propose repeated sessions other than for regular maintenance of an ongoing condition, or to support a long term musculoskeletal issue.

Any proposed treatments after the initial three will follow a full discussion, considering its appropriateness and whether any other or additional therapies could assist or whether a referral back to your veterinary surgeon is the most appropriate course of action.

Following your dog’s course of treatment, I will send a full written report to your referring veterinary surgeon and happily enter into a dialogue to discuss the role of Galen Myotherapy© in any treatment protocol or management programme for the referred condition.

Maintenance treatments will take approximately 40 to 60 minutes each. 

  • The timing of maintenance treatments as part of a management programme for an ongoing condition will vary, and again follow consultation with you and your referring veterinary surgeon. Treatments will be spaced according to how long the benefits can be observed between sessions; this will be agreed on an individual basis depending on each dog’s response and condition, however between four and six weeks is the average time between treatments. Your dog's maintenance treatments will each cost £40.00.

Many pet insurers are happy cover or pay towards the cost of complimentary therapy for your dog including Galen Myotherapy© where it has been recommended by a veterinary surgeon. Your policy will tell you how to make a claim, but please contact them in advance of treatment if you are intending to claim back your costs.

Whilst I understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, I would appreciate as much notice as possible if you cannot meet our booked session. Appointments at peak times are sought after and because of this sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged in full.

I generally work within a 20 mile radius of the Hope Valley, Derbyshire and do not charge additional travel costs within that area. I am however more than happy to travel further, and will discuss and agree travel cost with you in advance, but these are generally charged at £1.00 per mile.

I am happy to discuss the suitability of Galen Myotherapy© treatment for your dog in advance of you seeking consent, along with the procedure for requesting this in person if you choose to proceed - just contact me here.