Before treatment commences, I will undertake a comprehensive consultation with you and your dog, but at no time will I diagnose your dog’s condition. Galen Myotherapists offer a referral service and whilst I can assess your dog, your veterinary surgeon is responsible for providing primary care in all cases, therefore both veterinary consent and a signed treatment agreement will be required.

Once we have established that myotherapy is appropriate, we will discuss a range of positive outcomes following treatment and agree on realistic expectations of your dog’s potential recovery.

In the majority of cases, three treatments is usually sufficient to see an improvement in the condition or to ascertain if therapy is proving to be effective. Any treatments after the initial three will follow a full discussion considering its appropriateness and whether any other, or additional therapies could assist or whether a referral back to your veterinary surgeon is the most appropriate course of action.

Galen Myotherapy© treatment involves no form of restraint – your dog will receive treatment at home; and offered every opportunity to move away from the treatment area at will. Respectful and sympathetic handling and recognition of any stress signals in reaction to treatment will be monitored; giving your dog the time to acclimatise and the choice to engage with their treatment.

Stress inhibits your dog’s body’s own healing mechanisms and every attempt will be made to eliminate these triggers; in full and willing compliance with DEFRA’s Five Freedoms of animal welfare; this leads to a totally personalised approach and your dog will never receive a standardised routine.


Treatment environment – to make the experience as positive as possible, it would be helpful if your dog can be treated somewhere quiet; not in their own bed, but somewhere we will not be interrupted or disturbed by too much domestic noise. I will bring a treatment mat to help your dog associate the location with something positive and wherever possible I would prefer your dog to have clear access to remove themselves from the treatment area if they feel the need.

Owner interaction - it will be helpful if you can maintain as normal a positioning around your home as possible; sitting where you usually sit and only reassuring your dog if they become overly anxious. I am happy for owners to remain in the room to settle their dog and observe treatment; however equally happy for you to leave them with me – it is entirely up to you; whichever is more conducive to your dog gaining maximum benefit from their treatment. I am happy to answer all of your questions after treatment and may quietly talk to you about what I am doing, but would prefer to keep dialogue to a minimum while working with your dog.


At the end of each session I will provide you with feedback explaining what has been found during the course of the treatment and we can discuss any questions you might have.

We will discuss a personalised home recovery programme for your dog following treatment which will include a demonstration of suitable techniques that you can use at home to support your dog’s progress and maintain their muscle health between treatments. Your dog’s home recovery programme will also include clear care guidelines and post treatment exercise restrictions, with appropriate timescales along with suggestions of home modifications where necessary. 

You will be offered time to see if your dog shows any improvement before another appointment is made and we can discuss future sessions including appropriate timescales before agreeing to continue treatment.

Following your dog's agreed course of treatment, I will send a full written report to your referring veterinary surgeon and happily enter into a dialogue to discuss the role of Galen Myotherapy© in any treatment protocol or management programme for the referred condition. 

All treatment records will be maintained fully and all personal details relating to you as the owner or handler will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act and as a professionally trained Galen Myotherapist©, I carry full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.