My name is Sarah Hancox and I am a Galen Canine Myotherapist© and lecturer. Whilst education kept me busy enough, I have found that working with dogs restores a more mindful approach; its one-to-one focus on holistic healing provides the perfect foil to lecturing, which I have done for over 20 years.

Since moving to the Peak District my dogs and surroundings have become my greatest source of inspiration. Landscape; the colours and scents of the changing seasons, textures and patterns of the moorlands; sights and sounds of local birds and wildlife are always inspirational; I am always short of time when it comes to expanding my practice, but a walk with my beloved lurchers always provides an opportunity to re-evaluate my priorities.

Clinical massage has always been an intuitive healing art based on the human instinct to touch and whose basic principles evolved into a science. Massage as we perceive it today remains anchored by roots laid down centuries ago and remains inspired by the same goals of bringing about harmony and balance through physical and emotional well-being. 

As a therapeutic practice, from both a health enhancing as well as a rehabilitative point of view, clinical massage therapy as a discipline has stood the test of time yet is still evolving, embracing developments on the horizon whilst remaining mindful, and respectful of the past.

You will find Moorland Canine on the usual social media channels and the News area of the website will be updated with information and articles relating to canine health, well-being and news from the Galen Therapy Centre, where I underwent my training and am proud to be part of their team of Galen Myotherapists©.

I’m keen to collaborate with practitioners of other physical therapy modalities and other canine related services; if you are interested in making contact, just get in touch or find me on LinkedIn.

To contact me directly, just ring 07793 682685 or email me contact@moorlandcanine.com.

I’m passionate about the Peak District and living here has influenced so many parts of my life, which is why I think it vital to get involved in supporting the area.

Business Peak District is a single voice for businesses in the area covered by the Peak District National Park, High Peak, Staffordshire Moorlands and Derbyshire Dales; supporting a distinctive, high quality rural environment and an enterprising, growing and sustainable rural economy.

Made in Derbyshire promotes the Derbyshire economy locally and nationally through culture, heritage and sporting events, products, services and festivals; exploring the rich cultural life and diversity of Derbyshire; working together to promote and improve the cultural life of the county.

Moorland Canine is happy to be part of both the ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ and ‘Made in Derbyshire’ campaigns.